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Thanksgiving Favorites Part 1: White Wines

Thanksgiving whites

Thanksgiving Favorites: Part 1: White Wines!

There probably isn’t a better holiday for food! Thanksgiving brings to mind instant images of tables full of food surrounded by family and friends. Of course we all have those family members who only like sweet wine, or only like dry wine, or perhaps only like wine harvested according to the lunar cycle (yes, that’s a thing). So here’s a list of some of our favorite wines that are real crowd pleasers! We focused on food-friendly wines some with light sweetness but all with awesome fruit flavors!

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Geil Scheurebe Kabinett

Lots of people love Riesling on Thanksgiving (with good reason) so we decided to start right next to a lot of Riesling vineyards with a German grape called Scheurebe. This wine has a lovely tartness with tropical fruit flavors similar to Sauvignon Blanc with a hint of sweetness similar to a lot of German Rieslings.

Selbach Riesling Bernkasteler Kurfurstlay

So, here’s the Riesling recommendation! Don’t worry about the intimidating name this wine is still under $15! It’s wonderfully floral with hints of apricot and green apple. It does have a little residual sugar but nothing syrupy and with the acidity even a dry-wine fan will enjoy this beauty!

Arnaud Lambert Clos De Midi Saumur Blanc

100% Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley of France this wine is amazing! Think a lighter and fruitier Chardonnay. It’s really food-friendly and a great crowd pleaser between your aunt who only drinks Chardonnay will like this along as anyone else at the table!

Cap Royal Bordeaux Blanc

100% Sauvignon Blanc from probably the most famous wine region in the world! It has the tropical fruit and a fuller body that’ll really compliment a well-seasoned turkey.

Jones of Washington Pinot Gris

With aromas of pineapple and orange zest this Pinot Gris is smooth with a pleasant balance of sweet and tart giving the wine a nice clean, dry finish.

Part 2: The Reds and Roses of Thanksgiving coming soon!!

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