Main Street Wine & Spirits is a fine wine, craft beer and spirit store whose customer experience is best summed up by two words:
We’re proud to support and offer products from our local and regional brewery and distillery partners.
We pride ourselves with our top-rated craft beer selection, hand-selected wines and large selection of organic and vegan products.
We invite you to stop in, view our selection and speak with one of our knowledgeable team members.

Offering custom gift baskets, weekly tastings and delivery service!



HOURS: mon-sat: 9am - 10pm // sun: 10am - 6pm



Wine is sunlight held together by water.

We do it with passion. We search for the best. The best wine at the best value so our clients can have the best time.

Our in-house wine experts are excited to help you find the best wine for your needs, the perfect companion to your meal, a special gift for that special occasion or perhaps just something to sip while watching a movie or talking with friends.

The world of wine can be mysterious and intimidating, let us show you how it’s also fun. We offer wine seminars for everyone to come and learn a little and enjoy a lot! Hope to see you there!


We are always focused on finding beautiful wine but we take special pride in our Organic wine section. We understand the importance of knowing what is in the bottle so we have done our homework.

Organic wines fit into many different levels, such as biodynamic and vegan. Even certified Organic and 100% Organic are different and to make it even a little more confusing what is considered Organic varies from country to country. Good news is we know how to make it seem not overwhelming. We know about sulfites and how to avoid headaches and are glad to help.


Come shop our Organic section and we will gladly walk through the options.

Ever go out to a restaurant and have an unbelievable bottle of wine? We do special orders. Our clients are our top priority and your satisfaction is important. It is our goal to make you happy and really that is a wine’s goal too. There is nothing more important about a wine then whether or not you enjoyed it. We look forward to helping you find the wine that makes you smile!